Stereo Clone - Denver's Best Cover Band
Stereo Clone - Denver's Best Cover Band
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Matt Lomax - Lead Vocals | Best Denver Cover Band Stereo Clone

Matt sings like a Badass Mofo.  Then he sings some more.  When he's not singing, he's thinking about when he's gonna sing next, and likely what those lyrics might be.  Thank god for thumb-drives.  And chloraseptic.  He's a Genius, but he doesn't live in a lamp...

  • Lead Vocals
  • Wolverine Impersonalizationalist


Can't move...   coffee...   wearing...    off....
But...  must...  sing...  one...  more....  note...

Joey Lowe - Drummer and Background Vocals | Stereo Clone Denver Cover Band

Joey Lowe is Founder of the band, the original Cloner.  Moving to Denver from LA to find the hidden Seasoned Salt treasures naturally forming in the Rockies next to massive gold deposits, he can fill his teeth as quickly as they deteriorate from the 4C consumption.

  • Drums & Percussion
  • Sequencing
  • Booking
  • Grilled Chicken Breasts

Tying it all together, Joey holds down the fort and keeps the floor shaking.  Slightly salted, slightly malted shakes.


Pat Searcy - Lead and Rhythm Guitars | Stereo Clone Denver Cover Band

Pat Searcy was born wearing a scarf.  The question remains, was he too cool for the world?  Or was the world too cool for Pat?
We may never know...   But Pat plays the guitar with as much ease as most of us breathe air.  Stereo Clone is glad to be the scarf he now wears to maintain his coolness.

  • Lead Guitars
  • Rhythm Guitars
  • Assistant BG Vocal Cues

Pat teaches guitar, shreds in 3 Denver bands, and scoffs and scarfs at serious bios.
You're just gonna have to come see it for yourself.


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